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Daycare and Boarding Enrollment Form

We have two options for you to begin the process of enrollment with Half Moon Kennels.  One option is to click on the link below to download a PDF that you can fill out and give to us.  The other options is to fill out the form below as well as you can. Either way, we look forward to getting in touch with you!

Daycare and Boarding Enrollment Form (PDF)




Daycare Enrollment
Would you like your dog to have a bath? (additional charges will apply) Yes No

Owner's Information:

Emergency contact if we cannot reach you:

Pet(s) Information:

M F Spayed/Neutered

M F Spayed/Neutered

Veterinarian Information:

Pet Personality Profile:

Circle all that apply to your dog:

Outgoing Timid Pushy Affectionate Submissive Insecure Excitable
Playful Gentle Quiet Territorial Dominating Loud
Low Medium High

If your dog becomes unfriendly he/she (circle all that apply):

Will Bite May Bite Growl Show Teeth Tremble Raise Hair on Back Move Away

Verification Image
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Boarding and Daycare Policies

  1. I understand that my dog must be up to date on required shots (distemper, bordatella, rabies), be in good health and free of fleas/ticks.
  2. I understand that if my dog becomes ill/injured or there is an emergency HMK will make every attempt to contact me or my emergency contact listed on the application. If HMK is unable to reach me I understand they will act in a way they feel is best for my dog. I agree not to hold HMK liable for any decisions they make if unable to reach myself or my emergency contact. I also agree that I am fully responsible for the cost of any such treatment.
  3. I understand that I must have my dog enter and exit on a leash.
  4. I accept that HMK is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damages to personal property belonging to me/my dog. I also agree that I am fully responsible for the cost of any damage to the HMK facility or its equipment by my dog.
  5. This is a social environment for the dogs to interact together in a playgroup. Although HMK takes steps to provide a safe environment for the dogs there is a coherent risk that a dog may become injured in playing and or by another dog. Half Moon Kennels is not responsible for any injuries for any dog at the kennel.

I agree by my signature that I have read, understood and agree to the policies, regulation and liabilities listed in this agreement.